Where Do You Stand in The Passage of Time?

Known for framing abstract spiritual constructs into ones of lucid enlightenment and inspiration, author Ed Houston, weaves suspenseful mystery within the fabric of family, spirituality, egoism, adversity and ultimate salvation to discover love is the way — in a tightly winding thread of two realities.

Noah’s experiences, beyond their mystery and thrills, introduce profound questions that trickle into our own lives as the pages turn. In pursuit of empowerment and transformation, readers will be awakened to parallels that beckon self-reflection in a warm and liberating light.

Take a Journey to the Astral Plane

Noah’s life takes a transcendental turn when a mystical book throws him on an out-of-body odyssey — and one which makes him see his own life through the vision of his third eye. His experience triggers a chain of events leading to a battle against malevolent forces that once guided Noah blindly towards his demise.

Eye-Opening and Spiritually Charged Fiction

From the conquest of fear to unconditional love and self-discovery, The Passage of Time puts real-world events and characters on an inevitable collision course with faith and metaphysical energy to readers’ delight. In this book, our personal beliefs can become a theme of contemplation and expand to include all-embracing divinity — where we are always home.

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