Macy’s Men’s Store Re-imaged

Speaking as a Gen-X’er- Macy’s Men’s store in my early years was a primary destination which catered to a higher standard of men’s clothing. Since my late teens to my entry into the professional world- Macy’s and I have partnered together.

It saddens me to see the situation Macy’s now faces in the marketplace. Declining profits and a growing number of store closures; it’s become a common news headline theme. With that said. It’s  no shock that what was once a staple in men’s fashion dominance has fallen prey to a new type of online alternative for the post Macy’ Men’s era.

These new emerging online retail services offer 4 key shopping options that have wooed me into the next generation of shopping for men’s fashion.

1.       Convenience – I can shop whenever I like.

2.      Product Stock/ Sections – The latest styles, colors and selections.

3.      Personalization – A unique fashion expression- to stand out.

4.      Customer Experience – It’s easy to shop, to ship items, and comes with a generous return policy.

My Inspired Idea for Macy’s?

Introducing Macy’s Men’s Personal Designer Service.  Customizing the men’s shopping journey with an online touch. The experience of professional clothing design is combined with the convenience to see, feel and touch their outfit from head to toe.

It is done with customized options for accessories, underwear and even cologne at a Macy’s Men Store near you. Individuals will surely appreciate that unique and wonderful mix of the online and in-store experiences.

The Inspired Idea Value Proposition

For fashion-conscious men that would like to take the guesswork out of selecting the latest outfits and accessories to pair their personal taste and style. The convenience of working with a personal online designer is coupled with convenient locations throughout most major US cities.

Reimagining the traditional men’s retail shopping experience to an online, in-store destination.

Here Is How It Works…

  1. You will need to register online or through a special branded mobile app and then fill out the clothing questionnaire profile.

  2. In the Free Option you can choose one outfit style. In case you choose the Macy’s Men’s Designer membership with a small monthly or annual fee, you can actually select up to 5 styles of interest in different categories such as Fresh Casual, Night Life, Career Fun and many others.

  3. You’ll then be assigned to a personal designer based on your preferences and user ratings. You can choose a male or female designer.

  4. Once your outfit choices are available, you will receive notifications.

  5. You can then view your personalized outfit selections online or through the mobile app with accessories from head to toe.

  6. Scheduling a location, time and date preference for your custom outfits and accessories via the in-store fitting session.

  7. You can then decide, among the accessories and outfits, which you would like to have shipped or take home.

When you arrive at your preferred Macy’s Men’s store- they will have a special branded area with sitting and fitting rooms.  Your fitting session starts out with light refreshments and a relaxed ambiance that extends the online experience to an in-store destination. You’ll get an exclusive look and feel. The ultimate Macy’s Men’s personal designer experience.

Since the staff knows when you will be arriving, you will be greeted with your name on a branded monogram card. You will be escorted to the fitting room and given a review of your outfits to try on.

You will be treated with the utmost respect and care.


AUTHOR: Ed Houston
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